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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I entered a different world...

The people, the food, the nature, the transport, the guesthouses,the atmosphere... compared to China everything is different in Laos. But... in a good way! Vientiane was pretty borig, just a city that happens to be the capital of Laos. However, the sunset over the Mekong river was absolutely stunning:

The next day I visited a temple complex and after that I took a bus to Vang Vieng. This city is amazing. Riverside bungalows, swimming, caves, BeerLao and of course: TUBING!! Just rent a big innertube and float on the river, stopping at riverside bars to drink a Beerlao and throwing yourself in the river by one of the swings. And of course that is what I did the first day. Didn't make it back to the town before darkness set in, so I only did half the track ;-) The nights here are one big party. Half the people are druk when they start due to the daytime tubing and the rest is trying to catch up... When the regular bars close, everyone moves to an island in the river where the music and party continues till the suns comes up :-)

Today we did some cycling, caving and swimming in a lagoon. Great day again and really enjoyed myself. The plan is to do an ultimate-tubing-day tomorrow and take a bus to Phonsavan the day after. Oh, the foot is doing pretty well. Although the doctor said I should take it easy and not get it too wet... But you all read the story, so guess what happened?! Indeed, it got very wet. Some of the dead skin is gone and I keep it very clean. I am confident everything will be alright in a few weeks.

See ya later,


Rodney said...

Have a WONDERFUL time in Vang Vieng. I hit the river on THREE different days...it doesn't get old.

If you run into 2 british sis's named Rachel and Jenny give 'em a slap on the fanny from me.

Ing said...

Une belle photo du coucher du soleil.

Tu me manque.


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