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Friday, September 03, 2010

Wrap-up of the last months

Motor, Ardennes, World Cup, Sensation, Gay Pride, Fietscafé, Nemo...

My laptop is still being repaired... so a real update has been quite hard. Nevertheless I felt I would be good to summarize the last months with some pictures as tomorrow we are leaving for a 4-week trip to Bolivia and Peru!!!

To get out of Holland Shosh, myself and a couple of friends (Bas, Jesse, Odette & Ronald) decided to go for a quick camping trip. All of the others have a passion for Landrovers so they had to come as well. We stayed at campsite Maka in the Belgium Ardennes and played around with the 4x4s a bit ;-)

Of course, since I have a new motor, I had to use it as much as possible and besides some awesome trips with friends

Bas and I went to Germany for a long weekend. And it was great! Amazing roads, good hills and big schnitzels!

This was also the time that Shosh left to visit her family in the US for almost a month. Luckily there were more than enough things going on to keep me occupied... The World Cup Football was going on:

And Bas and I even "starred" in the new ING commercial in which we thank the Dutch team for their efforts (unfortunately ending on the second place...)!

A week later it was time for Sensation White 2010 in the Amsterdam Arena. A dance party with 50.000 people all dressed in white. Sweeet!

Since Shosh came back from the US we did a bunch of smaller things in the weekends - smaller but fun nevertheless!!! My uncle, aunt, two cousins and group of friends from Denmark came over to witness the Gay Pride in Amsterdam.

We went to the Fietscafé (bicycle bar) in Loozen, Belgium with my sister and her boyfriend for a sunny afternoon of Belgian Beer tasting.

We visited NEMO (a science museum - mostly for kids) before going to Sander & Suus for a laid-back garden party.

Today and tomorrow we will go to the wedding of Jesse and Odette and right after we'll leave for Bolivia and Peru. More on that when we are back!