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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Viva Madrid

Tapas, vino, cerveza and other awesome stuff!

Two weekends ago Shosh and I visited Madrid for the first time. A while ago I was able to book some of the most awesome tickets via Ryanair - €10 per person per one-way flight ALL-IN :-)
Leaving early on Friday morning and with a delay of approx. one hour we arrived in Madrid around noon. We took the metro to our hotel (Hostal Luz) whihc was located tight next to the Opera, Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor - sweeet!
All we did the whole weekend was walking around, eating, drinking and shopping. Oh and not to forget have a siesta every afternoon. So let's start with some pictures of the sights we saw.

And from all that walking around you get very hungry and thirsty so we had to make the occasional stop for a refreshment and something yummie for our tummies ;-) Luckily finding those things is one of the easiest jobs in Madrid. Everything we had was amazingly good and pretty cheap as well! Places such as "La Venencia", "Casa Alberto", "El Tigre" and especially "Museo del Jamón" should not be missed!

The next week we invited a group of friends over to our "mad house". First we went out for some great burgers for which I scored some amazing coupons via Groupon (which I truly love by the way...). And we ended the night at our place hanging around in the kitchen area and enjoying some tequila, pisco and other drinks :-)

Now the countdown has started for our trip to Colombia mid-February!!!

Der Rudi, Die Shoshannah (und natürlich Piggy!!)