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Friday, November 14, 2008

Utrecht & Maastricht

Two beautiful cities with two important things...

Like I told you last time, I got a room in Utrecht. Very nice location and not too expensive. Got a couple of kewl house mates as well and start to know more and more people that live in Utrecht. And it saves so much time going to work every day... great!

Last weekend Shos and I went out together with Mark and Judith. We went out in Maastricht since that is where Shos lives and studies. Judith never had been to Maastricht and the rest of us was fine with Maastricht for a change. We had an awesome night together! They did some shopping, we went to see Shos's volleybal game, had some dinner at home and finally went to the city for a lot of fun. Sweeet night!

Next time I will tell you more, but since most of my life is spent on working these days, there is a lot less to talk about. Nevertheless I will make sure there is something nice on the blog next time.

Der Rudolph

Saturday, November 01, 2008


New job, new friends, new experiences & a new room

After enduring the 4 hour travel time per day to get to get work and back I now am moving to a place close to work. This place is also known as Utrecht, where I found a nice room on the Cuckoo Square (isn't that an awesome name...)! It is close to the train station and the city centre (click on the picture to check it in Google Maps). Trains to work only take 17 minutes and go very often. And if I feel a need to go out in Amsterdam, trains ride all night long :-) The only disadvantage is that I'll be even further away from Shos, but well, it wasn't like I was going there every day. We see each other in the weekends and whether that takes a 1 hour trip or a two hour trip doesn't make a difference.
(Click on the picture to view the location in Google Maps)

This Sunday we'll be moving a bunch of my stuff over to the new place and do some of the usual "moving-to-a-new-crib-stuff" like cleaning, painting, fixing and so on. Of course pictures will follow! But to give you an impression of what it is:a 16 sqm room with a build-in closet in a house where 7 more people live that are all about my age and who share two kitchens, two bathrooms, a balcony and a roof terrace.

A couple of weeks ago Shos, my parents and I went to the south for some a little walk to enjoy the nice weather. First we visited Thorn, the white city and had "pannenkoeken". After that we went towards Vaals. The south of the Netherlands (het Limburgs Heuvelland) is one of the only hilly parts of the country and home of the three-country-point (Holland, Belgium, Germany). This resulted of course in a nice day and some nice pictures.

After the weekend I'll bother you with some pictures of my new room!

Ruudje & Shos