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Sunday, September 13, 2009

New house, job and experience

From Zwanenburg to Arnhem, Shosh got a "job" and I am at IIGP...

First things first: sorry for not updating for such a long time, but as you'll read below you might understand why.
HOD (the company that provides our housing) called and informed us that we had to leave the Zwanenburg villa. No good news but we knew it was only going to be for a short while. No other spectacular places came up and we decided we would be willing to live in Arnhem as well. They found a nice place for us and we decided to take the shot. So now we are living a normal Dutch "rijtjeshuis" (row house) on a corner in the area called "Geitenkamp" (Goat Camp). Below you see what we found when we first entered the place and also what we did with it to make it "our" place.

The small, but nice kitchen

All the pictures show before and after...

Besides moving, there is even more spectacular news: Shosh applied for an internship at GRI and she got it!!! Simply said, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) sets the standards for reporting on Sustanability and tries to streamline information exchange surrounding this practice. Shosh will be assisting the Fund Raising Manager and Media Manager of GRI to set up their bi-annual conference in May 2010. Shosh: GOOD LUCK!!!

Personally I am currently at the IIGP (ING International Graduate Program) in Noordwijkerhout. In three weeks time we go through a very intense program to learn all about ING's strategy and about the different departments and their functions. Sometimes this involves listening to presentations, sometimes preparing cases/presentations, being involved team building activities and so on. It are three heavy weeks, but the atmosphere among all trainees is great and I am sure we'll achieve a lot during these weeks (and of course have some fun as well...).

Right after the IIGP ends Shosh and I will take a short break and head out to Slovakia and Hungary. Flying into Bratislava and out of Budapest, we will have a week to discover the areas surrounding these places. Everyone I have spoken to agrees that both cities are beautiful and well worth exploring. If anyone has good tips, let me know!

I think that pretty much sums up our activities of the last couple of weeks.
Talk to you again soon!