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Sunday, December 03, 2006

What to do next...


Last day of tubing was fun again. Scored a bottle of cheap Lao Whiskey and got totally wasted floating downstream :-) Everyone that ever visits Laos, should spend some days in Vang Vieng!!

Tubing can be dangerous...

The next day I took an early bus to Phonsavan, known for its "Plain of Jars". I don't think there is a straight piece of road of more than 500 meters. Seven hours of roads with nothing but bends... what fun ;-)
There happened to be a "National Day" in Laos, so there were many celebrations and parties going on. The Lao are very friendly people and both on the first night and on the Jar-tour we got invited to join them for lunch/diner and BeerLao! Even got to play some games of Jeu-de-Boules with them!

The jars tour I took was pretty nice. Got to see the historic sites and we were warned to to leave the paths too much since there still are a lot of mines and other explosives hidden under the ground. They have cleared parts of it... so stay between the white "lines". All the bomb craters and other war remains are pretty impressive. The people here must have suffered...

Today another long drive to Luang Prabang. Nice city, but I start to dislike the fact that they don't have any international ATMs!! I am running out of money. Luckely I still ave my creditcard. Besides getting money, I have no idea yet what I am going to do tomorrow... and I still need to figure out how to get into Vietnam!

We'll just see,

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Rodney said...

If you're still in Luang Prabang don't miss Vietnam Bar. It's a HOLE but is open well past "curfew"...that is, unless the police show up. ;-)

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