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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poor little thing

Wonder why it happened:
1) Customs didn’t bother to repack properly
2) Very lousy job by TNT/China Post

Yesterday I finally got notice I could pick up the package I sent to myself two months ago. Went to pick it up today and I when I got it I was speechless… My beautiful, strong, square, white box looked more like a big wrinkled cardboard ball than like a box :-( Unpacking it back home was even worse! It looked like they put in a paint-mixing machine for 10 minutes… Nothing, but really absolutely nothing was undamaged! The packaging of the items were torn, chocolate bars looked like chocolate sprinkles, and everything was sticky due to a small leakage of the hair gel :-(

Oh well, at least it arrived and everything is still usable, although I must say that it is very hard to put butter on crumbled “Peijnenburg Ontbijtkoek” and unwrapping crushed “Kinder Surprise” isn’t that much fun…

But I got all my stuff and learned the “valuable” lesson that you shouldn’t spend any time on neatly packing any packages to China. Just throwing it in the box and putting a lot of tape around it seems to be the best and simplest way! My dad also sent me an envelope and I really wonder in what shape that will arrive haha!

This again is an experience in Chinese ways of doing things. When you finally get them to do something, they do it fast and lousy ;-) But more on that another time!!

Lu Hao Lang

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