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Friday, June 15, 2007

Contract signed!!

International/Foreign Expert!!!

On Tuesday I got a phone call that the the number of hours I am supposed to teach got reduced to 13 for the first semester. Still five courses, but two of them are relatively simple so I won't need a lot of preparation time for those. The second semester I will be teaching fewer hours and fewer courses as promised by the School of Economics! The courses I will be teaching are titled: 1) Business Negotiation, 2) International Economic Organizations, 3) Topics in Financial Management, 4) Readings on Economic and Trade Journals, and 5) Theory and Practice of Multinationals. The content of these courses is all up to me, so coming up with some good ideas is my job for the next few weeks.

On Thursday I received the revised contract, signed it and handed it back to the International Exchange Office asap. To speed things up I went for my Medical Check today. I was a little anxious about what they were going to do, but it was so "stupid". Get a form, complete it, give them your passport and 3 photos and start the tests. The tests consisted of: 1) weight and length, 2) an eye test (seeing and color blindness), 3) an ECG, 4) an UltraSound of my chest, 5) a blood sample, 6) a urine sample, and 7) a chest X-Ray. All that for a mere 326 RMB (€ 32)... and a good laugh because their measuring equipment for length ended at 1.90 meters. Since I am 1.89 and was wearing shoes, I barely fitted underneath that thing and the lady needed a little stool to stand on in order to measure me ;-)

I am supposed to pick up the results on Tuesday and hand them over to the university so they can arrange all the paperwork needed for my visa application. Hopefully everything works out and I have all the stuff I need before I leave China to go on holiday.
It is raining like mad right now, so no TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) on the rooftop this afternoon. Hopefully the weather will be better next week Saturday because it's my birthday and I was planning on a great rooftop party!!! So one more week of enjoying my youth before I turn to my "late twenties"...

Greetingzzz from a rainy, but still laidback Kunming!
Your International Expert: Rudi B.


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Anonymous said...

Proficiat Makker!!!

Hierop kom ik er ene drinken bij je. Zorg jij voor de Chinese variant Hoegaarden...

Kus Mark

Anonymous said...

hey proficiat

veel succes ermee
we drinken er hier wel een paar op jou

groeten sven

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