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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Grading and nothing

That kind of summarizes my activities for this week...

On Tuesday we celebrated Bonne's birthday with pizza and beer! On Wednesday and Thursday I graded the multiple choice part of Shoshannah's exams and I played supervisor at Aaron's American History Exam. Some of the answers his students gave to questions are so hilarious that I just have to share them with you:

Q: What term was used to describe young people of the 1960's and early 1970's famous for Vietnam War protests and their dedication to "sex, drugs and rock n' roll"?

A: African-Americans
Q: What was the government's response to the Great Depression?

A: Bill Clinton. He had besides wife, a lover his number two breast - we call "er nai" in Chinese - called Lewinsker. So he was in trouble. He is a great depression.
Q: Essay: Aside from economic and technological development, what do you believe are the most important differences between American and Chinese society?

A: In America, anyone can speak what he wants to say, even though he blames Bush. He has the right to do that. He also has the freedom. But in China, many people have complaints to government, but they can't speak, especially in public. The leader doesn't like other people's better opinions. If some deputy or just some knowledge person - like professor - gives him better opinions than his own opinions in public, the higher leader can't sleep well. Then he will use a secret way to get them off him. Many Chinese know. So in China, the most important thing is not how to do your job best, it's how to keep your leaders happy...

(this essay got an A)
Q: Essay question: What were some of the root causes and immediate causes of the Civil War?

A: "Light and Freedom"
A country needs something to happen. I think the main cause of the American Civil War is magic history. Maybe it isn't crazy. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't serious. Maybe it is. Magic history would change something. Magic history is the essence of reality, beyond-reality, and everything else too. That's the light of freedom, it is fate. I'm sorry, how to describe my opinion exactly, but I will you to understand. Do you agree it? My dear teacher!

(this essay did NOT get an A)
Yesterday I went out with Bonne, Bas, Sander and Susan to Kundu and had a real Chinese style night of fun. Just watching the Chinese acting Chinese is the best thing to do when going out! We ended the night with some great street food and I am "enjoying" the hangover from that night today...

Next week: HOLIDAY!!!


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Liesbeth said...

Zit jij nou alweer in china? eigenlijk moet ik daar niks van zeggen want ik heb ondertussen nog geen voet gezet op nederlandse bodem. Ga over 3 weken maar weer eens een kijkje nemen. Veel plezier nog daar tussen die chinezen, en hoe is het met je voet?

Groeten uit Ghana! x Liesbeth

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