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Sunday, June 10, 2007

International Expert @ School of Economics

Doesn't that sound great :-)

On Wednesday I finally got the e-mail that included the job offer I was waiting for! Of course I was very happy to get it, but after reading the details of the contract I discovered a few things that, according to me, needed to be changed. The number of hours and courses they want me to teach are just to high . I wouldn't be able to prepare properly for all of them. Luckily Collin (the current International Expert for the School of Economics) agrees with me and is being a great help in trying to convince the University that they need to adjust their requirements. We feel confident that there will be an agreement somewhere this week!!

Besides that i am occupied with looking up flight and making travel itineraries for people that want to come and visit me and of course for Shos and myself! But that's no problem because I just love searching the Internet for good deals on flight or fun things to do while on holiday.

Groetjes aan het thuisfront!

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