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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Healthy as a horse

Bleeegh, rainy season...

Although the temperature still is quite nice, it rains a lot as well lately. I went to pick up my health exam yesterday and got soaked... Some streets in Kunming look more like swimming pools than actual streets after heavy rainfall. But I got the results and I am perfectly alright! No strange diseases or disorders so I will be allowed to work in China. Handed all my stuff to the Foreign Affairs Office and they are confident I will have all the required documents to apply for my work visa in Hong Kong.

Since I don't have anything else to tell that might be interesting for you, here is a little joke. Just read the sentences aloud and you'll see that Chinese isn't that hard after all!

That's not right : Sum Ting Wong
Are you harboring a fugitive? : Hu Yu Hai Ding
See me ASAP: Kum Hia Nao
Stupid Man : Dum Fuk
Small Horse : Tai Ni Po Ni
Did you go to the beach? : Wai Yu So Tan
I bumped into a coffee table : Ai Bang Mai Fu Kin Ni
I think you need a face lift : Chin Tu Fat
It's very dark in here : Wai So Dim
I thought you were on a diet : Wai Yu Mun Ching
This is a tow away zone : No Pah King
Our meeting is scheduled for next week : Wai Yu Kum Nao
Staying out of sight : Lei Ying Lo
He's cleaning his automobile : Wa Shing Ka
Your body odor is offensive : Yu Stin Ki Pu
Great : Fa Kin Su Pa

Mwuhahahaha ;-)

Hope you enjoyed my last post as a "young" person...

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