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Monday, January 29, 2007

The end is near...

Please sir, buy here!! Give me good luck!!

Bali... Beautiful island, completely different from Lombok and Java. In Ubud they try to sell you nothing but pieces of art, while in Kuta they want to sell you t-shirts, sarongs, shorts and more "useless" stuff. Nevertheless, it is always funny to see what prices you can get for their products. For a sarong they will start with anything between 50.000 and 120.000 rupiah and you can get them for around 15.000 to 20.000. What do you mean, hard bargaining..?!

Surfing is the second biggest thing in Kuta. However, the waves didn't look that exciting and I didn't want to spend my entire day on a surfboard. Maybe I will try it some time in the future.
The third thing you are supposed to do while in Kuta is: drinking!! Beer is relatively cheap, especially during the happy hours. Their are also a lot of clubs, but we didn't feel like clubbing at the moment so we just did the beer drinking part :-) haha.

Yesterday we were supposed to fly with AirAsia to Jakarta at 19.20. However when we wanted to check-in they looked at us with surprised faces... didn't we receive the text message? No because they stole my mobile phone a while ago. Oh... well, the flight has been delayed until 22.00 :-( Later that night they changed that time to 23.00 but at least we were in the air!! Arrived at a hostel in Jakarta around 1.30 am... better luck on Wednesday!!

The good part about the delay was that we received a voucher for a free meal at the airport McDonald's. So we ordered that mail and a McChicken Menu. That was possible, but would take around 15 minutes... waiting 15 minutes at a Mac?? Strange! After 15 minutes we suddenly saw a motorbike approaching and a guy wearing a McDonald's jackets jumps off with a take-away bag. Our food... haha. But he forgot the French fries so he had to drive back to the down town Mac to get them. Hilarious!!

Just 2 more days in Jakarta and then I will be back home. Feels kind of strange, but good at the same time!!

See you soon!

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Inge said...


Ik ben lekker sneller;) Hoop dat je veilig bent aangekomen in London en dat je over een paar uurtjes weer met 2 benen op Nederlandse bodem staat!

Hati Hati Schattie!

Dikke Zoen, Inda !

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