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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Serre Chevalier

Sun, snow, beer and friends :-)

My return from Asia didn't quite go as planned. The flight from Jakarta to London Gatwick was good, but then for some reason I decided to walk to the wrong train station and buy a ticket for the wrong train... Before figuring out that I did something incredibly stupid I was to late to catch my flight from London Stansted to Eindhoven. Luckily the next flight left the day after at 6.55 PM, providing me with enough time to catch the bus that would bring me (and Mark, Sven and Erwin) to our skiing destination (Briancon, Serre Chevalier).

The trip was once again amazing!! The first few days were hot, really really hot! So during our lunch breaks we could sit/stand on our balcony in our bare chest!! Just great!

Of course we also did a "little" bit of partying!! The party wasn't as good as last year... our hostess was just boring!! That meant we had to make our own party and when you have a notebook, lots of music, some speakers, lots of beer and us... a party is guaranteed :-)

The fourth day it started snowing and that made the skiing absolutely fabulous! Deep powder snow always ensures great fun on and off the slopes! The ski lessons we took this year only increased the fun due to the very nice people in our group (Karin a.k.a. Kaatje and Gert a.k.a Gerard or G-G) and our teacher Marc.

The last days the weather once again was sunny and hot, so Mark and I "abused" the situation and got really drunk on the slope drinking hot red wine :-) once again bare chested... And for some reason (probably because we looked so damn hot...) we got a round of free wine from the waitress haha!

Certainly something we should do again and again and again :-)

Au revoir,

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Inge said...


Dat lekker bruine buikje is vast niet alleen van het zonnen in de sneeuw;)

Leuke Indo-fotootjes!!

Ik spreek je strakjes hopelijk.

Dikke Zoen, I

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