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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bye Bye Lombok

Gili Trawangan is a small paradise!!

The minute I arrived at Gili Trawangan I forgot all about the stolen wallet! Had some fun days there doing absolutely nothing :-) Also went for two dives and saw some great underwater creatures like turtles and cuttlefish!!! Inge got her first underwater experience through the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course. She really enjoyed it! My taint is back to a nice brown one and the only unfortunate thing that happened is that I got some kind of rash on the last day... might have something to do wih the food, drinks, sun or my new shower creme but I am not sure yet. I went to a doctor and he said it was an allergic reaction to something... I have antibiotics and anti-itch pills but still have some small problems with it :-(

Yesterday was again a long day of travelling but currently I am on Bali in a place called Ubud. Nothing to do here except to look at lots and lots of artwork they expect you to buy... haha! Did a great motorbike trip to a lake and volcano. More details will follow when I find a cheap and reliable internet connection to play with... hopefully that will be before I am back home ;-)

Probably my best picture ever!! Fishing @ Pangandaran!

The Borobudur

Sunset @ Gunung Bromo

Relaxing on Gili Trawangan

For now, that's all folks!!
Just a few more days of holiday and then I am back in Holland. But not for long... France, be prepared we are coming again!!! And soon after that... China!!



Ruudje said...

Duiken op Gili trawangan was inderdaad best mooi!! Ben naar Manta Point en Hallik geweest. Paar mooie grote schildpadden gezien en veel grappige cuttlefish (geen idee goe die in het NL heten...). Die laatste kon je leuk laten schrikken en dan veranderen ze van kleur en schieten ze weg :-) Mwahahaha!!

Duiken zal voor mij altijd een ding blijven dat ik tijdens dit soort vakanties zal doen, want het zal nooit mijn grootste hobby worden! Wel mooi en blij dat ik het doe en gedaan heb, maar that's it!


Anonymous said...

I will hopefully be mimicking your beautiful tan in just a few days (although knowing my luck, I'll end up looking like a lobster again!) :-) The Gilis look amazing and are making me look forward even more to Krabi and Koh Phi Phi although I wish you could join me for some fun there! Collin, Trish and Aaron all say "hi" and wish you the best back home!

Anonymous said...

Gili Trawangan.... Daar heb ik ook hele prettige herinneringen aan. Heel wat beter dan Nederland op dit moment. Brrr. Be prepared. Veel plezier nog de laatste dagen en sterkte met de overgang straks. Mazzel, Noonk Leon.

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