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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nasi, Mihun and Satay

Indonesian food is "LEKKER"!!!

The trip to Pangadaran took a little longer than expected (although you really should not expect anything when you are traveling in an Asian country...). The bus was supposed to leave at 10 am from the bus station. Around 10 they told us the bus was delayed and would arrive around 11. That changed to 12 and luckily we met an American with a guide who had the same problem. The guide arranged minibus transportation for us at 15.00, no stops, in 5 hours to Pangadaran... NOT!!! After driving around for one hour and 15 minutes we finally left at a bus station approximately 150 meters from our hotel... The good thing was that we met Steve, Barney and Tari and had some company for the trip! Got ourselves a nice room and went to bed early.

The next day we met up with a German girl and her mother for a trip through the national forest to a waterfall. Beautiful trip with some monkeys, but the guy at the top of the waterfall forgot to pour water down it while we where there... Spend the afternoon on a beach!

The second day we had a great day on an organised tour to the Green Canyon. Visited several factories on the way there, did some swimming in the gorgeous canyon and had a great fish meal on the way back! The only unfortunate event of the day was that Inge hurt her foot and leg while slipping down some rocks at the canyon. Nothing time won't heal!! That night we (Barney, Tari, Inge and I) took a night bus to Yogyakarta.

At 4.30 am we arrived at the Borobudur, where we had to wait until six when the thing opened. We were the very first tourists around so we got an unspoiled view of a very nice temple!! After this visit our driver took us to the city and we checked into a guesthouse. In the afternoon we visited the Sultan's Palace and several other fun things in the city. At 20.00 we visited a Ramayana Ballet. People wearing beautiful dresses and showing some kind of religious story. It was a little boring in the beginning, but we really enjoyed the end! Just one of the things you just have to do while you are in the cultural capital of Java :-)

Today we took an early train to Surabaya and are hoping to go to the Bromo volcano in the afternoon. Hope everything works out!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hoi jullie beidjes, leuk te lezen over alle plekken in Indonesië, laat ons denken aan onze rondreis daar. Nog heel veel plezier en tot over 14 dagen! De oudjes.

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