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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hati Hati

Careful, careful...

After visiting the very nice city of Yogyakarta and an early trip to Bromo with Barney and Tari it was time for a very long bus trip from Probolingo to Lombok (read 20 hours). No problem except that someone thought it was necessary to sneak towards me and steal my bag with in it amongst others my wallet, mobile phone and camera. Luckely we stopped right after I found out and with my last remaining money I called my mother to block my ATM card and phone. Spent approximately 3 hours at the police station in Lombok to get a report for the insurance, but it all worked out. Again a bad experience in Indonesia, not my favorite country so far!!

However, Mount Bromo was great. Got up at 3.45 am and took a horse to the volcano to see the sunrise. The smell was so bad I had the worst astma attack in years. The views however, were absolutely stunning!!! I really want to show you the pictures because I have some great ones, but Internet in Indonesia sucks!!

Tomorrow morning GILI TRAWANGAN!!! Beach, sun and Bintang!!!

De mazzel,

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Marjan en Rob said...

Wie woar ut köpke oonder goon in de Sjienese Zie? Enne wie woare die duukstekke op GILI TRAWANGAN? Veer hure ut wèl vaan uuch twieje.

groete oet Wieeert
Taant en Noonk

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