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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Morning Vietnam


After a nice, bumpy flight from Luang Prabang I arrived around 21.00 in Hanoi. Luckely half of the plane was filled with tourists, so it was easy to get a group together for the Vietnam adventure. From that time on I have spent all my time together with Alan, Chris, Andrew, Jordan & Dana (3x UK, 2x US). The first night we just wandered around the city and were suprised that there was absolutely nothing to do... However, when we got out of bed the day after and set foot outside the guesthouse: CHAOS!!! Millions of motorbikes all over the place. Did some exploration of the town, but Hanoi is not that interesting. The Bia Hoi (Draught Beer) places rule!!! Cheap (read 15 cent) beers :-) And we booked a 3 day, 2 night trip to Halong Bay.

We left early for a three hour bus ride to Halong Bay. There we got on a boat and we sailed for a couple of hours along the karst mountains that Halong Bay is so famous for. Did some kayaking as well and played several games of cards. Around 18.00 we arrived at Cat Ba Island, Vietnams largest island. Got some diner and "wasted" another night at a local Bia Hoi!!!

The second day of the trip consisted of a beautiful trek, some walking around, playing football with some local kids and again a short boat trip. This time we also were going to spend the night on the boat. Of course we prepared ourselves with a massive amount of beers, vodka, rum and whiskey. That night was a blast!!! 12 people having fun on a boat... played some rounds of Kings, jumped in the sea around midnight and just relaxed. GREAT!!!

The next morning I got the biggest scare of my trip: I lost my camera. Strange, because I remember having it right before I went to bed. After an hour of uncertainty Andrew woke up and presented me my camera... I left it on deck and he was nice enough to take it for me! Was really upset for a while that morning. The way back didn't go without troubles. According to the crew we still had to pay them 29 beers... they counted the cans and that is how much we owned them?!?! It were our own beers!! In the end we came to an agreement, but the tension was rising skyhigh. That same night Alan, Dana, Jordan and I took a bus to Hue. It left at 19.00 and we arrived at 9.00 in Hue. Every inch of my body was in pain by that time. Still had some scratches and bruses from the boattrip and the 14 hours in a "Vietnamese-sized" bus doesn't really help either.

Hue is nice, but not very special. Had lunch in a place run by a mute and deaf guy, but he was the funniest man ever!!! Opened four beer bottles simultaneously and gave us each one of his special openers afterwards. Did a motorbike tour of the area afterwards and celebrated Alan's birthday. We bought him a birthday cake and got some people together for a nice little party.

Check this movie of our friend opening the four beers

Short movie of riding a motorbike in Hue...

The next morning we slept late and got on a bus to Hoi An. Keep you updated on the fun I will have here!!


(volgende keer weer in het Nederlands ;-)


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Kmis je!


Anonymous said...


Nog heel even zonder jou!

Duim voor me komende week s'il te plaît.

Dikke kus en een super dikke knuffel van jouw francaise ;)

Love XX

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