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Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa Claus has arrived

Arriving in Cambodia on Christmas Eve!

In the morning we visited some fish farms and a local minority village and after that we prepared ourselves for the 6 hour boat trip to Cambodia. Crossing the border was a piece of cake and the boatride was very, very relaxing! Another 1,5 hours in a bus to Phnom Penh and that was it! Had a nice Christmas Eve together with Jess, Jack, Vanessa and Steve. Some good food and drinks always help ;-)

And below you will find my Christmas card to all of you!! Once again: Merry Christmas!!!

Bis schnell,

(I also added lots of pictures to the previous post, so check them out!!)

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Eileen said...

you post the pics so quickly!!!
I'm in Siem Reap now:)

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