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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Hike

You will start believing in the ancient myth of dragons when you have been to the Tiger Leaping Gorge!!!

We left Lijiang on Monday and took a bus to the gorge. Because of the National Holiday week transport was a little more difficult than normal, but we managed. First night we stayed at Jane's Guesthouse (although still wondering whether Jane is a man or woman...). Next day we did a six hour walk on the high trail looking down into the depths of the gorge and feeling completely flabbergasted by the beauty of the environment! "Gargantuan" mountains, walking past sheer drops, looking down to the Yangtze river and climbing up and down something that resembles a path... We stayed at Halfway GH and had a great evening with a group of Americans, Brits and Swedes.
Next day a 2 hour walk to the Middle Tiger Leaping Stone. But that was only the beginning, before you arrive at the stone you need to follow a steep path down. That was not so bad, but we also had to go back :-( I can still feel it in my assmuscles ;-) That night again a lot of fun in the Walnut Garden with some of the same people as the night before.
The third day we took the 24km long low road to get back to Jane's. All together: BEST EXPERIENCE up to now in China!!! (pictures follow when I find a computer with a working USB connection)

Today we arrived in Zhongdian (a.k.a. Shangri-La). Next Tuesday (October 10th) we have a flight from here to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Zhongdian is located at an altitude of 3200 meters, so it is a good way of preparing for the altitudes of Tibet to prevent Altitude Sickness. Temperatures here are considerably lower than in any of the other places I visited in China, but well... that's all part of the game!

Still having a GREAT time, so everything is just fine. Rodney and I still travel together, but after Lhasa our roads part. Maybe (hopefully) we meet again in Laos or so :-)


PS: dit berichtje is 'n keertje in het Engels zodat mijn nieuwe reisvriendjes het ook eens kunnen lezen!

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