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Friday, June 27, 2008

The start of my journey through the USA

Kunming, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Tacoma...

And all those places in just 55 hours! That is how long it took Shosh and me to get to where we are now (Tacoma, WA). We left our apartment with a taxi at 15.00 on Tuesday the 24th. Wolfgang and a bunch of Shoshannah's students came with us to the train station to say their final goodbyes.
Our train departed at 16.33 as planned and all Shosh and I could do for the next day was looking out of the window to enjoy China's beautiful scenery one last time. After 28 hours we arrived at the Guangzhou station at 19.35 on Wednesday. Quickly departing the train and "running" (whoch is kind of hard with all the baggage we were carrying) to the ticket office we were just in time to catch the 20.13 train to Hong Kong. We cleared Chinese immigration and now were officialy out of China. A good two hours later we were in Hong Kong, Hung Hom Station. Going through customs here and collecting our bags took some time, but just in time (23.00) we caught the last public bus to the airport. Midnight... time to sleep, but that requires a place to sleep. Walking around a bit we found a nice spot, locked all our bags together and tried to get a little shut-eye.
Around 7.00 in the morning on Thursday we woke up, refreshed ourselves as good as possible, got some coffee and breakfast and checked in. No problems here, the flight would even leave 10 minutes early at 12.35. The Air Canade flight was good! Nice seats, very decent food and no crying children. And we arrived in Vancouver at 9.30 in the morning, THE SAME DAY... So strange, being in a plane for over 11 hours and then arriving 3 hours earlier than when you left...

The last part of the trip was to take a Greyhound bus to Tacoma. First a couple of public buses to the the bus station and there we got into one of the famous long distance Greyhound buses. The bus was a little late but nonetheless everything went fine again. Although it has to be said that both Canadian and American customs are quite a pain in the ass... where are you going? Why? Alone? Show me your tickets! Which one is your girlfriend? Fill out the green form! And so on... But at 20.45 we arrived in Tacoma where Mrs. Sharon Marshall, a good friend of Collin's dad, was waiting for us and took us to here place. We had arrived!!!

Now on with our road trip!!!

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