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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The end is near...

Three more weeks before China is "history"

So what does that mean for Shos and me? Well, it means that we've been thinking hard about what to take with us, what to send back and what to donate to friends here in Kunming. We both can take two big bags and we already filled a package of 20kg to send home. We also already gave away a bunch of our stuff and even though the apartment is getting emptier, there still is a lot of stuff lying around.
Last week I received an urgent e-mail from Susan (who was here last semester together with Sander). Supposedly they are about to graduate but were missing some pictures of a certain part of Kunming (they are doing landscape architecture...). Of course this wasn't an area close to where we live but in the southern part of Kunming. And the day we went to take the pictures Shos discovered just how big Kunming is. Cycling there, taking pictures at various locations and cycling back took five hours and a total of over 70km... But it was a nice, although rough, ride and we saw a beautiful part of Kunming.

Today I am going to Wolfgang to give him some more computer lessons and install Internet in his new apartment. After that Shos and I are going to the wholesale market to shop for some souvenirs and see if we can have some clothing made.

Knowing that you'll leave Kunming so soon is kind of a strange experience. Packing, only having to teach for two more times, preparing to say goodbye to some very good friends. But on the other side we're also very excited since new adventures lie ahead of us!


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