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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just one more week...

Busy, busy, busy...

Since we are leaving in a week, a lot of things need to be arranged such as money transfers, shipping boxes home, giving stuff to friends and so on. But most of all we need to say goodbye to everyone. So we already had a bunch of dinners with Shoshannah's students and of course those "parties" involve going to KTV as well...

Last weekend we also celebrates Sandhya's birthday and that was really fun! Marc arranged a couple of tricycles to drive us around the northern part of Kunming. But of course we took control and ordered the drivers to go sit in the back and we cycled a.k.a. raced against each other... add a couple of boxes of beer and a megaphone to this and the party is complete. Later that night we were invited to Kundu but only stayed very short since we were both exhausted.

Why exhausted..? Simple! Besides all the stuff we have to do before we leave we also have to watch Holland on their way to become European Champion!!! No problem you would think, but don't forget about the time difference! All games Holland played started here at 2.45 at night... Not the best time to watch football matches haha! But still great to see the Dutchies kick those Italians, French and Romanian asses!!!
Now what? Well, I am grading the final exams of my students and packing more things. We also had a bunch of suits made, so we needed to go and try them on. And we are preparing for our big "Black & White (& Orange) Champagne Party 2nd Edition" this Saturday. Besides all of our foreign friends Shos invited her favorite students and I just invited all of my students (most of them are in the picture below. And believe it or not, I am not standing on my toes or anything else. The average Chinese just isn't very tall...).
We don't know how many will actually show up but we are preparing for the "worst"! First drinks and snacks at our place and then we head out towards a bar to drink more and watch the quarter final of the Euro Cup!!! Hup Holland Hup!!!
For now, that is it. I have to get back to actually doing things so we can leave China next week without freaking out about last minute sh*t we forgot ;-)

Ruud laowai

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