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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Part One of The USA Road Trip

From Tacoma to Eugene to Eureka/Arcata: 581 miles
(Click on the picture to get an interactive map!!!)

Our first real stop was in Eugene, WA. Not for the city or the fact that the American Olympic Trials are being held there, but because our friend Trish lives there. We arrived a little late due to heavy traffic on the Interstate 5, but we were still in tome to catch the women's 10.000m finals. Pretty cool start for our stay there I must say!

The next day we (and that includes our friend Paula) went to the famous Oregon sand dunes and although very pretty for me they were just the same dunes as we have in Holland... The cool part was that here they also have massive sand plains and it was extremely foggy. That gave us the opportunity to shoot some cool pictures.

Of course we also had to eat something and in our case that was ice cream and salt water taffy. And us not wanting to end up like so many other Americans (read: HUGE... I never believed that they really are that fat, but it is true!) we engaged in some intense Wii playing :-) During our time in Eugene we stayed at Trish's dad who was kind enough to provide us with an great, soft bed, a shower and all the food we could eat...

Later that night we crashed a party called the "Wilgus Invitational". First drinking at a guy's home, only to go to the local golf course after dark and play glow-in-the-dark-golf! Since it was an invitational and we did not have invitations we stuck to watching, drinking and having fun!

The drive from Eugene to Eureka (California) was absolutely awesome. As soon as we hit the Redwoods I was as happy as can be. Driving here (on Highway 101) is fantastic. I won't say more, just watch the video below and you know what I mean!

On Monday Shoshannah´s aunt Jan, Shosh and I drove to Ferndale (after sleeping in, trying to get rid of the jetlag). Ferndale isn't very spectacular but known for its old Victorian houses and worth a short visit. Later on we also went to the beach for a nice walk and trying to decide what to do exactly in the next few days before going to Shos's dad in San Rafael.

Oh yeah, you might be wondering who/what that little, golden, round thingy with the cute eyes is... well, that is Piggy. We brought him from China so he can keep us company during the trip. Besides that it is way funnier to take pictures with piggy and a building than taking a picture of just another building! We love him and you will see him in many more of our pictures ;-)

Fastfood Hug,
Ruud, Shosh & Piggy


Anonymous said...

Inspired by Amelie Poulain's dwarf... ;) Happy travelling!!! Kus Mark

Anonymous said...

Your piggy is so cute. Hope your guys have a great travelling!

Anonymous said...

Envy you, Piggy!
Wish Some day, Piggy will find his sweetheart during the travel!


Ruud Batta said...

I think Piggy found his sweetheart yesterday at the 4th of July fair... I'll post pictures this weekend ;-)


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