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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cycling and having fun

Mexico vs. China...

Last Saturday I made my first cycling trip in China. I knew beforehand that is was not going to be easy finding good roads around here, but I must say that I was pretty successful! It took me about 10km to get out of the city traffic and found a nice, but very steep climb on the western side of Kunming. Of course I tried cycling up and I reached the top, but a combination of high altitude (around 2000m) and heavy gears caused me to get off my bike two times ;-) Nevertheless the top rewarded me with a magnificent view over entire Kunming! My first 33 Chinese kilometers are in the pocket!
Later that day we decided to make Mexican food (makes sense when you're in china, right..?!).

After a great diner and several Redheaded Mexicans (tequila shots) with Trish, Aaron, Shoshannah and three of their Chinese friends we went out for some real Chinese entertainment: KTV. Also known as: Karaoke... I have to admit that it was really funny, but it definitely is not something I want to do more than two times a year ;-)

You can listen to a recording of my magnificent voice, but I have to warn you: I CANNNOT SING!! Haha, enjoy the video!

On Sunday I didn't do anything spectacular, slept in, ate, watched some movies and that's it :-)

However, the next morning I joined Collin to one of the classes he's teaching (Collin's job is the one I would like to get next year...). The subject of the class was International Negotiations and I really enjoyed watching him teach. What he does is giving a kind of lecture, while actively involving his students at the same time. Felt like the system we used in Maastricht, with the difference that here they actually have a teacher and in Maastricht the students educated each other.
In the afternoon I went cycling again. Found a great road to the south and climbed the hill towards the Dragon Gate Temple (about 4.2km with a 300m rise in altitude). It was a great ride and everything went perfect until I got back into the city itself... I knew I had to go north and a little east, but it still took me about an hour to get back home! But well, another 60km could be added to my cycling total ;-)

About the weather... it is great! Feels like summer all the time. Sometimes there are some strong winds, but you can always walk around in shorts and a t-shirt! My two cycling trips already caused "sunburn lines" on my arms!

Nothing more to say at this moment!

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