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Friday, April 27, 2007

Almost Queens Day :-)

It's gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day!!

To start with I'll tell you something funny:
Everyone seems to think that I moved to a huge city and in a way you are right. Kunming has 4.5 million inhabitants, which is approximately 5x the number of people in Holland's biggest city (Amsterdam) so most Dutch people would consider it a very big city. However size is a relative matter... Weert only has 49.000 inhabitants which equals to approx. 0.003% of the Dutch population. But since there are around 1.3 billion people in China, the relative size of Kunming is almost equal to that of Weert (using population as the variable). So, in fact the change for me isn't that big at all ;-) That sounds logical, doesn't it..?

The past few days I once again visited one of Collin's classes, checked out two gyms, went cycling again and got an invitation for a Queens Day party organized by the NBSO (Netherlands Business Support Organisation, Kunming) thanks to Marc. Really looking forward to that, because it is an ideal chance to get to know and start networking with some of the Dutch people that live here. Besides that I'm grateful I will still be able to celebrate Queens Day :-)
To get back to those gyms, I decided to "join" one that is in the building opposite my apartment building. It is old, simple, small and cheap. The other one is a much more fancy one with a sauna and a lot of classes you can attend. However getting there requires a bus ride and I know that that will be my most important argument for not going...

Sunday I will go to Dali with Shoshannah, Trish and four of her friends for a short holiday. Together we will visit Dali, Lijiang and trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge. I have been to these places during my previous trip as well, but it is one of the most beautiful areas of China, so I don't mind going back at all. Travelling for a week with five girls... let's hope I (and my eardrums) survive :-)

To all of you: Have a great Queens Day!!!
See you all next week!


Anonymous said...

greetings from Egypt, waiting for our plane backhome.........
mom and dad

Marjan en Rob said...

I got earplugs


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