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Monday, April 09, 2007

The last weekend!

The "end" is near... but so is a new beginning!

This week I started with putting aside all the things I want to take with me to China. After some rough measurements I was happy to conclude everything falls within the space and weight restrictions I have :-) On Thursday I packed started with the actual packing. My dad and I prepared my bike and were able to add three suits, three shirts and some other bicycle stuff in the big blue "KLM Bicycle Box". So the first 19.9 kg are packed!

The weekend consisted of nothing but small and bigger parties. On Friday out to diner with my parents and my sister and her boyfriend and after the diner we went out in Weert. Nothing special, but nevertheless it was the last time before I leave.
On Saturday Mark, Erwin, Yvonne, Thieu and I went to Holland Casino in Valkenburg with the idea of leaving the place as rich people. Those dreams didn't quite come true but we still had a great time. Thieu was allowed to go into some kind of whirlwind box where he had to collect as many cards as possible. Sensation all over the place, but he did win us a round of drinks and snacks on the house!After the casino we went into town and did some barhopping. Valkenburg is a fun little place to go out. Nothing spectacular, but exciting enough to have a good night out!

Yesterday it was time to say goodbye to my family and neighbours. My whole family was together, the weather was great and everyone was having a good time! We made lots of pictures so I have some physical things to remember them by and the night ended in a bunch of us being a bit drunk and others making fun of the things we did ;-) I had a great time and would like to thank all of you that were present!!! See you in... well... don't know exactly yet, but it will be at least a year and a half!

I must say that the last weeks were really great! Feels like I have done everything I could and wanted to make my goodbye as nice as possible! One thing couldn't be resolved and that is too bad... but that is not in my hands anymore even this ended well!!. So I am going to pack my last stuff and will leave for China on Wednesday afternoon!


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Rodney said...

BRING ON CHINA and give my best to Sho!!


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