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Monday, March 26, 2007

Party in da (new) House!

Housewarming Parties in Utrecht City Rule!

The week itself was just like any other week. However on Friday I had diner at Olga and Hans and had a great night. It kind of served as practice for the day after, because on Saturday it was housewarming-party-time at Marks new crib ;-)

After a small tour of his house, some beers and lots of French (Dutch) fries we decided it was time for some rounds of KINGS!! Great fun and the ultimate preparation for a night out!

In Utrecht we started in a very laid back bar and we ended in the "Winkel van Sinkel" where we continued dancing to the techno beats until the very early hours... I could tell you exactly how it was, but it would never be as much fun as the night itself... so next time: join us!!

This is what Utrecht city sounds like... PARTY!!!

Even Sven enjoys Techno

Nothing else to tell you! I'm still busy making the last arrangements before I leave and that's it!


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Rodney said...

That orange jacket will never die, will it?

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