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Saturday, March 03, 2007

11 April 2007

That's the date I'll be leaving Holland!

The KLM was going to change its student ticket policy on the first of March, so I decided to buy my ticket just before... For just €363,- I bought a one-way ticket to Beijing where I'll arrive at 8.55 on the 12th of April. After a few days in Beijing I'll be heading down to Kunming where I will stay at least until the summer of 2008. Kunming is located in the most south western part of China (see map below). It looks like it is in the middle of the south of China, but "everything" to the left of Kunming is kind of "inaccessible" area...

Leaving Holland for (at least) such a long period has several consequences. I have to cancel the registration in my municipality, cancel my health insurance, cancel my allowance for the health insurance and find a new insurance to cover my ass while abroad!
Besides that I have to think about what to bring with me and what to leave behind. I already figured out that I'm going to send a box of approx. 20kg by mail before I leave and that I'll be taking a 20kg bag, my bicycle and some hand baggage on the plane.

The job I'm hoping to get in Kunming is teaching Economics. My friends there are putting in a lot of effort to get me that job. If that doesn't work out I'll have to start looking for a job when I get there. And most probably that job will be teaching English to Chinese students. No problem at all, but I'd much rather teach economics or business. Oh well, whatever it is going to be, I am soooo looking forward to go back there!

If anyone of you is in the neighbourhood... you are always welcome to drop by ;-)


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Anonymous said...

I'm sooo excited for you...and a little bit jealous! Have a wonderful time & give Sho' a slap on the ass from me.

Remember: beating students is not allowed in China so be nice.


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