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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yes, they really exist

Wooden shoes, tulips and of course windmills...

Three stereotypical Dutch things that are not entirely correct anymore. Of course, some people still wear wooden shoes, we do grow lots of tulips and in the countryside you can find dozens of windmills. Just to add a little Dutch feeling to this site I posted a photo of an authentic Dutch windmill. So be amazed!! ;-)

This weekend I was just cruising around on Hyves (the Dutch equivalent of facebook.com) and came across a forum topic titled Kunming. Of course I was interested and checked it out. One of the comments was posted by someone named Marc Frencken. Well there used to be a guy with that name in my high school class. When I checked his website I was pretty convinced it was the same guy. Emailed him and after an online chat it appears that he is Kunming for the next one and a half year as well :-) This news got me even more excited to go there! Already a Dutch friend in China and he even likes to cycle... Is this luck or is it just meant to be?!

Besides that I don't have a lot of new information. Went to The Hague on Friday and picked up my Chinese visa and continued to Schiphol to buy a bicycle box to transport my bike in during the flight. The size of the box caught me by surprise a little... even had trouble fitting the thing in the car!

I still work at the printing company, earning money for a very nice laptop I want to buy. That is probably going to happen next week :-) More news will follow when I have something new to tell you (that's the whole idea behind news isn't it...).


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Rodney said...

Ten RMB says that photo was taken in Belgium.


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