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Saturday, February 24, 2007

My new job ;-)

I am becoming nocturnal...

Since I'll be going back to China I thought my time in Holland would be well spend earning some hard euros! However I prefer to be free during normal office hours in order to make all the necessary arrangements. So I ended up working shifts at a printing company called Roto Smeets de Boer. The work itself is really boring, but the money is good and I get to work night shifts.

So I spent the last 6 nights (23.00 - 7.00) in a row moving parts of magazines from one place to another and making sure the machines would do their job. The people are very nice, but when you tell them you studied Economics at a University they give a look like they want to say: So what the fuck are you doing here then??? Nevertheless, the work is just fine for now and it serves its purpose: increasing the balance of my bank account!

I already thought of some dates to go back to China and most probably it will be somewhere in the middle of April. I am really looking forward to it and hope I won't encounter any stupid things that will mess up my plans!

That's all folks!

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