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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Weekend in Zeeland

Hammocks, games, food/drinks and most importantly good friends!!!

Those are the ingredients for a great weekend away from home! I won't go into too much detail but even though the weather wasn't that good, we had an amazing time. We played cards, scrabble, Halli Galli, read books, Twistered, slept, went swimming and that is about it... oh yeah, in between we had some food and a couple of beers.

Breakfast and beach :-)

Some hilarious games...

Quite a bit of relaxing was done this weekend...

Guess what the place was called!

Besides that we bought some more stuff for our place (a fridge...) and we spent our first weekend toghether at the new place. Besides that Shosh will have her thesis defense tomorrow and next week she will officially graduate from Maastricht University, Graduate School of Governance with an MSc in her pocket! Great! Now all she needs is a job... not the easiest thing in these difficult times... but we will survive ;-)

Der Rudi

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