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Friday, July 31, 2009

HR BBQ, Graduation & Zwanenburg Party

Happy times!!!

At work there have been quite some changes in our HR department. To gather everyone and say our goodbye to some of them, a BBQ was organized. It was good to see the whole OIB Trainee community together again and enjoying each others company and the great weather...

More important for Shosh and me, however, was her graduation from Maastricht University. She got her master degree in Public Policy and Human Development from the Maastricht School of Governance. Oma B. and I went to her graduation ceremony and afterwards there was a reception with snacks, drinks and a lot of happy people!
The graduation girls...
Everybody happy!

After the reception my parents and my sister with her boyfriend joined for a dinner at what is known as the best Chinese restaurant in the south of the Netherlands with authentic Guangdong dishes. Yummie!
Once again: Congratz Shosh!!!

We have been living for 2 months now at our place in Zwanenburg. Enjoying it more and more, especially now that we actually stole enough furniture from my parents and we have "decorated" the place. Unfortunately we know now that we have to leave at the end of August (they will tear it down to make place for a new highway... what a waste!). We are really curious what place we will move to next.
But of course we cannot leave a place like this without throwing an awesome party. And that is exactly what we did. You could see it as a mix between a housewarming, house-leaving, belated birthday and graduation party... It was a totally perfect evening!!! Thnx everyone!
Doesn't everyone look happy..?
If only that swimming pool could be used...

This afternoon we will take off for a short vacation. We go sailing with 12 people on the Waddenzee. The boat we'll be on is called the Bonte Piet. Neither of us have ever really sailed, so we are pretty excited about the whole thing...

...Ay Maties...
Ruudje & Shosh

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