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Friday, June 26, 2009

Anti-Squat & Birthdays...

New place to live and multiple birthdays that required celebrating!

A while ago Shosh and I registered for anti-squat living - in which you protect an empty house/building from being squatted. We got an awesome in Zwanenburg, which is in between Shiphol Airport and Amsterdam. And lucky us, because the place is a small paradise (but don't get too excited, because although there is a swimming pool, sauna and steamer, they don't work... the jacuzzi, however, does work!).

We probably can only stay here for a couple of months, but it is better than the small room in Utrecht (which I keep as well for the time being...).

Last weekend we celebrated my grandmas 80th (and uncles) birthday at a place called "Landgoed Vilsteren" (a.k.a. The Vilsteren Estate). Great place surrounded by beautiful nature.

We did a "Huifkartocht" and couldn't resist playing with kids toys...
And we played an awesome and hilarious game of "Farmer/Forest-Wooden Shoe-Golf"...

Besides all of this it was my birthday last Tuesday as well, but more on that after this weekend, which we'll be spending in Zeeland.


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