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Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Bay Area Stuff

What else have we done in and around San Francisco?

On Sunday we went to a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Especially for Giants games there are extra ferries that drop people off right next to the stadium which is a great way to reduce traffic jams and is very convenient for the fans. Of course we were on one of those ferries. We went to our seats and watched the game. A tradition is to eat and drink a lot during these games but we kept our consumption limited to garlic fries (not that we did not want to drink but at US$ 8,50 per cup of beer we decided not to...). Besides just being an entertaining event I have to say that I find baseball boring! A lot of waiting and the action is over in no time... not my sport.

The next day Shosh, her dad, her aunt and I visited one of the oldest beer breweries in San Francisco: Anchor Beer Brewery. They have free tours every day and you get to taste all their beers afterwards. The brewery itself is small, clean and the tour was good! But the tasting afterwards was even better :-) They are known for their so-called Steam Beer, but my personal favorite was the Old Foghorn! You have to make reservations if you want to be in the tour, but it is certainly worth doing when you happen to be in SF.

The next day we did not go anywhere. The San Francisco area was experiencing a heat wave so we decided to take it easy. I fixed the bicycles we were going to use on Friday and together with Bruce I temporarily fixed the car window with a piece of Plexiglas. The afternoon Shosh and I spent at the pool and in the evening we had dinner with an old friend of Shosh. On the way back from dinner we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge to take some pictures and that's it...

California is known for their wine production, so we had to go and see some of it. Bruce loves good wines and has visited many of the wineries around his home. So he took us on a tour through wine country. We started in Napa Valley and worked our way down to Sonoma. We stopped at several wineries, had a picnic and did a couple of tastings. The entire area is beautiful, the wine was good and the weather was even better. Overall a very, very nice day.

Yesterday Shosh and I loaded the bikes in the pick-up and drove towards the city. Our first stop was at the Golden Gate. We unloaded the bikes and made a tour over the bridge, through Piscadero and back over the bridge again. However the weather did not decide to cooperate and provide us with sun and blue skies... we got fog and cold air! Nevertheless again a good trip. The afternoon we spent in the city doing some shopping and just sightseeing the beautiful houses and roads.

Today we won't do a lot. Just some repacking and preparing for the next part of our trip which will lead us through Yosemite National Park, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Der Rudi un Die Shosh

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