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Sunday, October 07, 2007

National Holiday Week

Didn't go anywhere! Boring... ;-)

Oh well, not everything was boring of course! I had a really hard time getting to work, so most of the time I just was slacking off and doing some random surfing, playing games, watching movies... But there were also good things: I went cycling quite a few times and did some really amazing trips, we went out with friends, visited the Yunnan Wild Animal Park and went bowling!

So the start of the week consisted of cycling. A 60km trip near the airport, a 125km trip to the hotsprings in Anning and back via Haikou and a spectacular 60km trip with Mark north of Kunming. The scenery of the last trip was so amazing that we took up the plan to get more people out with us to do that trip. The "problem" is that most of them usually don't cycle and after the first 11km there is a 14km uphill stretch, poor people ;-) But it is worth it (see picture below for an example of the views you get)!! On Thursday (4 October) it was exactly one year ago that Shos and I met, so we planned to go out and celebrate that in Haigen Park, but the weather gods prevented us from going (instead we went there on Saturday). On Friday we made a trip to the Yunnan Wild Animal Park, a kind of really big zoo. It was very nice to be out and the animals seemed to be enjoying themselves. Lots of funny signs and "crazy" Chinese people trying to feed the animals were enough for us to have an excellent time there. It is really worth a visit, but you do need 4-5 hours to see everything!

Later that night we went bowling with a bunch of people and had a lot of fun. The lane didn't work properly, they told us they only had five beers (and we were with seven people) and we were just in a crazy mood... It was bowling with a Chinese touch! :-)

And one final piece of really cool news: I am going to Beijing for the weekend in two weeks!! Maastricht University is present at the European Higer Education Fair (EHEF) in Beijing and were looking for Alumni to represent the UM. I told them I was interested and this week I got the confirmation that I am invited :-)Looking forward to that!!

That's all for now folks!!!

De Mazzel,

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Rodney said...

It's hard to believe it has been a year since we ran into Sho on that minibus to Zhongdian!

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