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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Pub Crawl

Lanterns, cave girls, hot doctors, ladyboys and so on...
A couple of weeks ago Shoshannah had the idea of doing a Halloween Pub Crawl here in Kunming. But since Halloween is on a Wednesday this year we decided to move the party forward a couple of days. So this week was spent shopping for costumes and attributes and I must say: we all did a great job!!! None of us knew exactly what the others were going to be, but that made the surprise even bigger. The plan was to visit five bars and do some silly games at each of them. We prepared a boat race, an egg run, the apple-on-a-string game and a round of mummification. The team leaders (Shos, Marc, Sander and me) were armed with waterguns filled with sangria and the use of these led to very diverse reactions... No more talking, just look at the pictures and decide for yourself whether we had a good night ;-)

My first Halloween: One Big Success!!!

Ruudje "Chinese Lantern" Batta

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