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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending 2010

December was cold, but the festivities made up for that!

We ended November with a yummie Thanksgiving dinner at our place. Just invite some good friends over, prepare loads of food, ensure the availability of many bottles of wine and success is guaranteed :-)

In December we faced lots and lots of snow (for the Netherlands at least). The fun part is that you get to play in it, see cars struggle to get some grip and that is simply looks nice. Especiialy with a Christmas tree inside and snow outside!

Our tree! We tried to get a real one, but the prices in Amsterdam for even the ugliest trees are ridiculous...

On the other hand it also meant hard times for public transport... The trip south to my parents took us approx. 4,5 hrs with 3 transfers while normally it is 2 hrs without transfers. But oh well, we got there and had a very good Christmas weekend with "surprises" for everyone!

And of course Shosh and I had have a snowball fight... initially we intended to build a big snowman, but oh well...

With this as result:

Tonight we'll go celebrate New Year's Eve @ the Museumplein in Amsterdam. Never been in Amsterdam for this event so looking forward to it!
It also seems 2011 will be a promising year as we already have three vacations planned for the first three months: Madrid, Colombia & Egypt :-)

Happy New Year!!!
Ruudje & Shosh

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