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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween 2010

Lots of "spookjes" and other creeps

One of the American traditions we can't pass up: Halloween (see also our awesome Chinese Halloween pics). This year we invited a bunch of people over to our place. We were not at all prepared so that meant running around town that same day to get all stuff for decorations and our costumes. It was a slow start, but it ended up being absolutely fantastic!!! :-)

And of course there was a winner for best outfit of the evening...

Last weekend we went to Groningen for a friend's housewarming party and to experience the city. Both the party and the night out were great. Never expected Groningen to be so much fun!! But definitely worth going back!

Shosh is almost done with her introduction month at ING and will have to make a choice for one of the many projects she is offered. Quite hard as there are a couple of really interesting ones.
Also this is the week of yet another great American feast: Thanksgiving! So once again we invited a group of friends over and we will have some amazing food!

Der Rudi

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