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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekend trip to Deutschland

Trier, Cochem, Luxembourg & some small places in between

Last weekend my parents left for Egypt and that meant their car was all mine to use... Shosh and I decided this was a nice moment for a break and booked a small bungalow in Kröv in the Mosel region of Germany. After a short trip and some trouble finding the place in the dark we got there on Friday evening at around 20.00. Unpacked our stuff and sat down with a couple of Germany's fine brews :-)

On Saturday we went to see Trier, Germany's oldest city (one of the buildings even reads that "Trier was built 1200 years before Rome"). We checked out the Porta Nigra, the old buildings such as the Ratskeller and Red House, the Roman amphitheater and some of the many churches. Luckily the weather cooperated and during our entire trip we had totally decent weather! On the way back we took a detour and drove the entire way along the river for which we were rewarded with some pretty views.

The next day we went to Cochem to check out Shosh her first castle: Reichsburg Cochem. We joined the guide and got a cool tour of the castle's interior. If you have a chance to visit, you should because it is worth it! After a walk through town and a beer in a very German bar we drove on to some of the places in the area. In one of them, Bernkastel-Kues, we looked up a restaurant and had an authentic German schnitzel.

On Monday we said farewell to our bungalow and drove to Luxembourg. Again the sun was shining, we found a great parking spot and could start exploring right away. Luxmbourg has very old city walls which are on the Unesco World Heritage list. This assures spectacular views and relaxed walks over the walls!

On the way back to Maastricht we stopped for some real Belgian "frietjes" and arrived early evening. "Unfortunately" I live in Utrecht nowadays, so I still had to drive an additional two hours before I was home.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend!

Der Rudi

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