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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekend in Amsterdam

Canals, Red Light District, Rijksmuseum, Wolfgang...

Last Thursday Shos came to Amsterdam. Not just to spend the weekend there with me and sightsee Amsterdam, but also to say hi to our good friend Wolfgang from China. After picking both of them up at the train station and dropping our stuff at my friends' appartment we went out for dinner. We found a good Greek Tapas place and had a couple of drinks afterwards in some nice brown bars.

On Friday Wolf left for Paris, Shos went to see Amsterdam and I had to go to work. That afternoon, evening and the next day Shos and I spend sightseeing the city. No rush because we will be in Amsterdam many more times. We checked out the canals, "de Wallen", the Rijksmuseum (to see de Nachtwacht) and walked through big shopping streets as well as through cute, little old alleys. Shos and I had a very good time! But I still like visiting cities better when you can walk around in a t-shirt ;-)

That evening we had a double birthday party of two of my colleagues and I went home with a couple to many beers in me! That Sunday I haven't done anything and I have to say that it was pretty nice to spend a day doing nothing but eating and watching tv...

This weekend I'll spend in the south (Maastricht) with Shos and we will go to my cousin's birthday. I still need a room/appartment in Amsterdam/Utrecht so if you know something, don't hesitate to contact me!!!

Till next time,

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