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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Everything is working out!

Shosh loves school & I am excited to start working.

Last week Shosh started school in Maastricht (Master in Public Policy - Sustainable Development) and she likes it a lot. Besides still thinking that Holland looks like Disneyland, she also starts seeing what a nice place it really is. I am very happy she's having a good time and am sure she'll manage just fine :-)

I have been busy arranging everything for my new job at ING in Amsterdam. I signed my contract, checked out which assigments I can do and met a couple of my future colleagues. Now I still need a room... I don't really care whether it is going to be Amsterdam or Utrecht as long as I have a decent place to live! Time will tell where I end up. But before I get a room I first am going to Krakow (Poland) with my friend Mark. A nice, last trip before the "real" life starts!

Besides these things we haven't done too much. Celebrated Thieu's birthday, had dinner with some friend and had a few drinks too many on Friday. Last Monday Bart and I organized a "farewell"-party for Frank who left Parc de IJzeren Man after having worked there for 11 years. We invited all the people who worked with him in the kitchen and had dinner at Bart's restaurant Flavours and chatted about the good ol' times! It was great but I am kind of sad that that period of my life is over, because we always had a lot of fun together and it taught me a lot!

Next time a post with pictures from Poland!!!

De groeten uit Nederland,

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Rodney said...

Enjoy Krakov! Don't skip the Jewish quarter - it's full of unique little bars with loads of character.

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