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Monday, September 01, 2008

A Trip to Belgium and Zeeland & a Job

Brussels, Zeeland and a job in Amsterdam...

Let me start with the most important thing: I have a job!!! I got accepted for the ING Talent Programme :-) The next three years I will be working for the Operations & IT Banking division of the ING Group. Of course I am very happy that I got this job and am very much looking forward to start (on the first of October)! Since the office is in Amsterdam I will also be moving there, so if you know about a room that is available... please do call me!!!

But now I'll go a little back in time: 2 weekends ago Shosh and I visited Eric (our Belgium Chinese Friend) in Brussels. We took the train there and could stay at Eric's parent's place. The first day the weather wasn't great (it was just normal Dutch/Belgian weather... haha) but we saw a lot of nice things in the centre of Brussels. The real Belgian things we did this day were: drinking Belgian beer, eating Belgian fries and visiting Manneken Pis.

The next day we left the centre and checked out some of the sights around Brussels such as the Atomium. The sun was shining, we had an excellent tour guide (Eric) and did the remaining, obligatory Belgian things: The Atomium, eating a Belgium waffle and bonbon and of course drinking more great Belgian beer.

The rest of that week wasn't very special (except for my job interview, which went very well as you just read...). But on Friday I dropped my parents and grandparent off at the airport for a vacation in Portugal and on Saturday Shosh and I left for The south-western part of Holland. On Saturday we visited Middelburg and Neeltje Jans, and went on to Raamsdonksveer where my aunt and uncle live for a bbq.

This was one of the first weekends we had good weather since we got here so we took the opportunity to go see the river-area of the Netherlands including the famous town of Kinderdijk. I could tell you exactly what we did but the pictures will give you a much better idea!

Next time I'll try to be a little quicker with my posts but it were pretty busy weeks... Shosh started school today and I am figuring out what to do with my last unemployed month! Talk to you all soon!

Ruud, Shosh & Piggy

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