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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Herr Wolf(gang)

Computer, cell phone, coffee, and a birthday party @ The Hump...

One of the "new" students at the School for International Students at Yunnan University is Wolfgang. The main difference between him and the other students is age... the average student is around 23 while he turned 66 last Thursday. Being born German, but spending most of his life on the road and in France he retired a couple of years ago and now lives his life in Kunming.
Since a couple of weeks Wolf and I meet up after class on Wednesday and spend a couple of hours together talking about his cell phone and computer. Never having owned either of these things, all the options are quite confusing for him. So I kinda tutor him in how to get the most out of these "devilish machines". It is a nice thing to do and afterwards we have coffee and lunch together and talk about the fun things in life.

For his birthday he organized a little get-together at The Hump Bar. First a couple of drinks and some food on the rooftop terrace and ending inside the ground floor bar. Being a great host he decided that we had to have some special drinks to celebrate this occasion. So there came the bottles of Jägermeister, Bailey's and Vodka... What happened next... I don't remember... But I do remember that it once again was a great night in the City of Eternal Spring!!!

The only downside to the party: our bikes got stolen :-( When we went to pick up our bikes the day after the party we discovered that they were gone... It sucks since we are only going to be here for two more months. So now it's back to using busses and walking!
Next week Shos and I plan to pay a visit to the West of Yunnan province, known for the volcanic activity. And than there are the mid-terms for my Chinese classes... let's hope my Chinese is considered sufficient to pass them ;-)

Until the next post!

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