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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Foreign Experts & Queensday

Lang leve Arbeidsdag en de Koningin!!!!

International Labor Day gets celebrated in China. And for this reason "all" of Yunnan's foreign experts were invited to a banquet organized by the Chinese government. Events like this always take place in some fancy hotel, this time the New Horizon in the city centre. After a couple of speeches, telling us how valuable we are for the development of this province, they treated us to several performances of minority dances and music.

And then there was QUEENSDAY!!!
At around 19.00 we met at Wei's for drinks, Dutch snacks (including somewhat deformed bitterballs)and pizza's. It was really nice to see al the Dutchies around and being able to speak my own language again for a change. At midnight we called it the night because today we are leaving for Tengchong to see some volcanoes and stuff ;-)

Auf wiederschnitzel,
Oranjeman in Kunming

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