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Thursday, March 27, 2008

World Cup Football Qualifier

0 - 0

For months everyone that likes football was eagerly anticipating the upcoming world cup qualifier between China and Australia played here in Kunming. Kunming was probably chosen by the Chinese because of its altitude and they were hoping the Aussies wouldn't be well prepared for these circumstances. Shos and I did not really plan on going, but last Wednesday after class everyone was talking about going to the game... so we decided to go as well and I am glad we did! It was great!!!

The game sucked, but who cares... we were dressed up as fans of "the Socceroos" and on our way to get some tickets on the black market. Getting tickets was very simple because the game wasn't sold out at all. We met up with some other "foreigners" (who all decided to cheer for China...) and had a blast. But I think that the pictures below will tell the story. I have to say that all supporters were awesome, both Chinese and Aussies. No problems at all and of course all Chinese wanted their photo taken with an Aussie and vice versa :-)

And we also got a small preview of what can be expected at the (for China extremely important) Olympics. After the game you could see two things: supporters and military... probably more military than supporters. The cool thing was that they acted like the British guards: they cannot show emotions or react to your provocations. And of course we had to test it! They all passed, except for one that had to "smile" when Marc was pulling strange faces and saying retarded things in Chinese.

And finally a picture that is high in my list of all time favorites: Dressed up as football supporters making fun of the Chinese guards together with this great old Chinese guy all doing the "V-sign"!!!
No more for this week.
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