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Monday, March 17, 2008

The future...

Chinese classes, rejections and applications...

Last weekend wasn't one of wonderful news for Shos: both Princeton and Berkeley turned down her application. This kind of puts a cross through our US plans. Both no worries, there still are a couple of schools in the Netherlands she can apply to.

The one "good" thing about it is that it is now almost certain that we'll be coming to Holland in the summer. It also implies that I have to start looking for a job. So at the moment I am surfing the Internet looking especially for Management Traineeships. I think it would be a great way to start my career. A one to three year intensive program in which your skills are further developed with the goal to become part of that company's higher general management. For me the most important question is which companies to apply to...

Since a new semester started at Yunda there are also a whole bunch of new people and I hang out with a couple of them regularly: Eric from Belgium and Miriam from Germany. And since the weather is finally what it is supposed to be (nice and warm) we can enjoy good moments on terraces and on the grass :-)
And besides doing job research and hanging out at terraces I am also busy with studying Chinese. And it is quite fun to do. Writing and reading gets better, but pronouncing the words correctly remains oh so difficult! Even simply putting the right tones on words is still an arduous task for me. But I will persevere and get my brain to recognize the tones and also pronounce them.

Now on with the job hunt and studying Chinese characters!!!
Ruud Batta

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