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Saturday, September 08, 2007

New people and new sports

Another really good week went by...

Last Saturday I met him... I knew he was coming for quite some time, but now he's here! Marc Frencken, my former high school classmate arrived in Kunming and we get along just great! After a few beers on Saturday night, we went to watch and play football on Sunday. I think it was the first time in 15 years I played a real football match on a big field and it was great. Painful, but great ;-) Afterwards we decided to go for a bicycle ride and enjoyed it so much that we got back after dark.

On Monday and Tuesday I didn't do anything special. All I really did was preparing classes for the rest of this week. Preparation is quite some work (at least a lot more than I expected/hoped), but I still like doing it. On Wednesday I started teaching again and in the evening I played a game of indoor football. Again a lot of fun with some great people.

Thursday and Friday teaching again. I am getting used to it by now and am taking it a lot slower in classes. To be effective I need to be careful not to use too many "difficult" words and when I use them I should explain them. This takes some time and I get less material covered, but it does give me the feeling that my students actually understand what I am talking about. Did some more cycling in the afternoon with Marc and in the evening we had a dinner with all the American teachers from Oberlin and Whitman (two colleges in the US). And I must say that we once again have a pretty nice group of people.

Now quickly prepare for classes because on Wednesday Mark (Mennen) will be here!!!

El Rudolfo

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