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Friday, September 21, 2007


Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a Moon Festival

The celebration of the end of the summer harvesting season. For me this just means that I got a beautiful box full of mooncakes as a gift from the School of Economics. Mooncakes are little, round, dry cakes with some kind of filling in the middle. Too bad I don't like 90% of them and it is very hard too see on the outside what kind of filling you're going to end up with...

Another unfortunate thing is that during the October Holiday I do not really have an entire week off... Every teacher has to make up his/her Thursday and Friday classes. Shos and Aaron happy since they only have a few hours of teaching. I, on the other hand, have four different classes with a total of ten hours to make up :-(
And the really annoying part is that I have to make up for them in the weekend before the vacation. So next week I have to prepare an awful lot of classes and teach them as well. That's going to be a great week and weekend... Oh well, there are worse things! Below I added some pictures of YangPu campus, a campus where I have to teach 2 days a week, some 45 minutes outside town.

And even though it is a holiday, Shos and I are not going anywhere. Just spend a week in Kunming without teaching. We are busy enough as I have to prepare classes and Shos has to study for her GRE and write essays for her graduate school application. But since a few days the weather is very nice again here so we will spend quite some time in parks and other relaxing places :-)

Now we're off to an orientation meeting, tour and banquet organized by the Foreign Affairs Office (little late, but still...) and later tonight there's the housewarming party of Sander and Susan. What a bad life...


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