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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pandas, mountains and Chengdu


We are having a nice little holiday in Chengdu! Visited the pandas, went to several parks in Chengdu and made a two day trip to Qingcheng Mountain. Now we are back in Chengdu and don't have a lot left to do except waiting for the call from the consulate that the passport is ready and we can pick it up!
But we are not bored! The weather is good (really hot), there are many nice parks with tea houses where you can easily spend and entire afternoon drinking tea, playing cards and reading. Food is great as well! Had hotpot twice, some delicious dumplings, great noodles and a fantastic hamburger... (no not McDonald's!!).

Other really good news is that I will have a job interview this Friday!! It's an interview for the position of economics/business teacher at Yunnan University and I would really like to get that job! It would be so nice to continue the kind of education I did in Maastricht only now you are the one that is supposed to know everything ;-) So instead of presenting 2-4 times a semester you have to do a "presentation" in every class!

Hopefully the passport will be done on Thursday latest so that we can travel back to Kunming together, otherwise I have to go by myself since I need to be back on Friday for the interview.

Pictures and more stories in a few day when I get back to Kunming!!

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