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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back in Kunming

Strange weather...

A call to the consulate at 14.00 on Wednesday taught us that the passport arrived that morning and Shos could pick it up. Luckily there is a 16.10 train to Kunming for which we still could get tickets!! Racing around Chengdu in taxi got us to the train station just in time :-)

So this afternoon we arrived in Kunming after a 20 hour train ride. It feels good to be back "home"!! Had a very nice time in Chengdu, although in the end we were really waiting to be able to get back to Kunming. Nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves and did a lot of fun things and met many great people! The first few days it was really hot in Chengdu (around 32-36 Celsius), but the last few days the weather turned and it got a bit colder and even rained. Here in Kunming it is cloudy and rather chilly at the moment and I have no idea how it's going to be in the next weeks. Hopefully nice, warm and sunny!!
Below you can find some pictures and a movie from our little holiday!

Playing cards & drinking tea and beer in People's Park with Sam & Shos

American Style Birthday Diner

Little panda cubs having a great time
Watch the movie

Pretty hard to put a whole "hotpotted rat" in your mouth ;-)

Now I'm off to get some food and hopefully get a good night rest for my job interview tomorrow @ 16.00!

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